From the Forgotten Pages of History: Margarit Babayan, Her Music, Her Passion and Komitas

The young girl, who was almost “killed” by the stunning music of Komitas Vardapet on a beautiful spring day in Tbilisi, was Margarit Babayan, a 28-year-old mezzo-soprano, who later would become a renowned singer and a vocal teacher across Europe, and be remembered as the beloved friend and muse of Komitas Vardapet.

Armenia’s Demographic Profile: Facing Critical Depopulation

The fertility rate in Armenia is 1.6 births per woman. This year, five regions in the country registered mortality rates higher than their birth rates. The largest spike was in Lori marz. Experts say that the demographic rates are alarming.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Challenges in the Labor Market and Education

Global trends demand new requirements in education and labor markets. To remain competitive, a country has to embark on creating, developing and implementing innovation while focusing, more than ever, on the development of a knowledge-based economy and pushing research and development forward. How will Armenia fare?

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