From the Forgotten Pages of History: Ellen Buzand’s Journey From the Battle of Sardarapat to a Cheka Prison

A writer, resistance fighter, political prisoner and so much more. The life of Ellen Buzand (Yeghisabet Stamboltsian) is the stuff of legends. Her diaries and memoirs remain unpublished in the archives of the Yeghishe Charents Museum of Literature and Art.

On Urbanization in Armenia: From “City-Building” to Urban Planning

Development projects are popping up haphazardly in Armenia. Many of them pursued for short-term economic goal under the pretext of development. Without a holistic vision for growth in the country, consequences of decisions taken today will be irreversible for generations to come.

A New Governance Framework for Democratic and Sustainable Transition in the Agricultural Sector

This article takes a critical view of current developments in the agricultural sector focusing on political actors responsible for democratic governance and sustainable transition in Armenia’s food systems.

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