The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Challenges in the Labor Market and Education

Global trends demand new requirements in education and labor markets. To remain competitive, a country has to embark on creating, developing and implementing innovation while focusing, more than ever, on the development of a knowledge-based economy and pushing research and development forward. How will Armenia fare?

Buying Real Estate in Armenia: One Diasporan’s Experience

Are you interested in purchasing a home in Yerevan? If so, Harout Manougian offers some invaluable information and advice and more importantly, tips on how to avoid the inevitable pitfalls in an unregulated real estate market.

Behind the Oil-Covered Storks and What They Mean to the People

About a month ago, reports started coming in of storks covered in some kind of oil, causing serious harm to the birds. Sofia Bergmann writes about how immense community involvement unveiled a symbiotic relationship between residents and the stork so vital to the Ararat Valley.

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