Vigen Galstyan

Working between Australia and Armenia, Vigen Galstyan is an art historian and curator specializing in photography, film and Armenian art of the modern era. He is the director of Lusadaran Armenian Photography Foundation, an organization Galstyan co-founded in 2011 with the aim of collecting and researching photo-media art from Armenia and beyond. Vigen holds an MA in Art Curatorship and has recently completed his PhD on nineteenth-century Armenian historiographic photography at the University of Sydney.  

Articles by Vigen Galstyan

Zones of Entrapment: Yerevan’s 2800th Anniversary Park and the Tyranny of Taste-Fullness

In the context of autocratic, oligarchic or committedly neo-liberal regimes which continually propagate a coercive and incarcerating model of urban planning, the multiplication of such spaces as the 2800th Anniversary Park of Yerevan is organic, writes Vigen Galstyan.

Notre Heritage? The Uncomfortable Truths of Cultural Legacy in Peril

The fire that severely damaged the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris highlighted how indispensable art is for humanity and exposed the fragility of all cultural legacy. It also indicated the profoundly unbalanced ways through which the global community has come to evaluate the intellectual production of different cultures and nations.

Shooting to Heal

Vigen Galstyan takes the reader on a journey spanning a century of Armenian women photographers who carved out their own individual spaces and honed a personal vision that spoke to urgent, collective questions, often speaking the unspeakable and approaching the unapproachable.

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