Sofia Bergmann

Sofia Bergmann studies journalism and photography at Northeastern University in Boston, and is currently working for EVN Report as an intern before getting her bachelor's degree. Aside from Boston, she has reported out of Havana, Cuba for one month with the Northeastern School of Journalism, and worked as an art journalist in Berlin for half of 2018. While she has written on topics from environmental to cultural as well as feature stories, Sofia is now thrilled to be a part of the discourse surrounding Armenian society. She will be with EVN Report until December of 2019. 

Articles by Sofia Bergmann

Calm Before the Storm: The Unknown Future of Armenia’s Increasing Tourism

With numbers expected to reach record peaks in 2020, Armenia’s current grassroots tourism industry stands in a formative transition period that could go many ways.

Music and War: Survival, Rebirth and Resilience in Artsakh

In the face of war and turmoil, music has remained one of Artsakh’s most cherished aspects of their culture. Tradition and new influences are what keep the music alive.

From Mental Illness to Homelessness

With mass institutionalization, lack of social programs and a society riddled with stigma against the mentally ill, there is often nowhere for them to go.

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