Sjur Papazian

A writer and journalist, Sjur has worked at a number of media organizations including the Norwegian magazine Ny Tid, writing articles on current events across the globe, such as politics, environmental issues and international affairs. He created the Norwegian part of Independent Media Center (also known as Indymedia or IMC), a global open publishing network of journalists closely associated with the global justice movement that reported on political and social issues.

He has studied social anthropology, development theory and history. A teacher by profession, he has been involved in the field of international solidarity, cooperation and development with experiences from development projects in places such as Namibia and Mozambique.

He has also run a cultural center with hundreds of artists from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds with the aim of fostering a sense of cultural identity and educating people in the larger community. The center supported an inclusive and diverse environment that engaged in community dialogue, promoted cultural awareness, respect and appreciation, and challenged bias on the basis of race, ethnicity, social class, gender and religion.

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