Samvel Martirosyan

Samvel Martirosyan specializes in information security, new media, and media in general. Martirosyan works as a new media trainer and lecturer in several universities in Armenia. He also teaches at Aregnazan school. Martirosyan has previously worked as a journalist for several Armenian and Russian news agencies, and served as an Editor in several media projects. He is a member of the Internet Governance Council of Armenia and a board member of Civil Society Institute. Samvel is a member of the advisory board of TEDxYerevan.

Articles by Samvel Martirosyan

The Armenian Media Revolution

Without social media and the press, the “Velvet Revolution” could have evolved completely differently. To some extent, what took place was in fact a media revolution. And now, post-revolution, we can register that the media landscape in Armenia is no longer what it was until April of this year. Samvel Martirosyan discusses some of the qualitative and quantitative changes in the Armenian media.

A Country Where the Word Privacy Does Not Exist

Is Armenian society concerned about privacy or the protection of personal data? Samvel Martirosyan is doubtful.

Armenia at the Center of State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks

A close look at cyber operations against Armenian state and non-state institutions, as well as individuals highlights a number of well known cases behind which are state-sponsored hacker groups or even state structures themselves. Samvel Martirosyan writes about how Armenia, in recent years, has become a subject of interest in almost all major cyber investigations.

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