Roubina Margossian

A writer and photojournalist, Roubina has worked at a number of media organizations including Armenia TV. She was a correspondent for Kuwait TV from Lebanon and previously served as the English language editor at CivilNet. She is the Managing Editor at EVN Report.

Articles by Roubina Margossian

Life in the Bunkers of Stepanakert

Following the attack by Azerbaijani Armed Forces on September 27, the women and children of Stepanakert shelter in bunkers while most of the men are off to the frontline.

Martakert: A City Fractured

The city of Martakert in Artsakh came under heavy shelling twice since the start of the war. This photo story captures the aftermath.

A Home to War

These powerful images capture fragments of life in Artsakh, a place that is boundlessly resilient yet has too often become a home to war.

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