Raffi Kassarjian


Raffi Kassarjian is CEO and Principal Advisor of Sensyan (www.sensyan.com), a boutique advisory firm offering services to tech companies investing, operating or launching in Armenia. With over thirty years of experience managing tech enterprises, he also serves on the advisory boards of EVN Report, Impact Hub Yerevan and Repat Armenia.

Articles by Raffi Kassarjian

Covid-19 in Armenia: Making Sense of the Numbers

Armenia is struggling to find the appropriate balance between health and safety on the one hand, and the threat of severe economic disruption on the other. Raffi Kassarjian looks at the data to understand what is driving the increasing number of cases.

Backroom Machinations and the Shadow of a Mandate

The dramatic events of October 2, highlights the fundamental political paradox in Armenia – a Prime Minister with no parliamentary majority governs the executive branch in a parliamentary republic – and we experienced both sides “flexing their muscles” to demonstrate their respective powers, Raffi Kassarjian writes.

Tech in Armenia: Dawn of a New Era?

Many observers believe that current trends in the global IT market are creating new opportunities for growth and relevance for Armenian tech companies. If the industry at large – as well as government and educational institutions – react quickly and earnestly to these trends, Armenia has an opportunity to capture an inordinate share of the new value being created as a result of these trends.

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