Norik Gasparyan

Norik Gasparyan is a journalist and correspondent for the Tbilisi-based “Aliq Media” news agency since 2015. Gasparyan has written for the “Armenian Times” newspaper and has translated the book, “The Armenian Genocide in the Georgian Press: 1914-1918” from Georgian into Armenian. He is currently working on the Armenian translation of Anna Dolidze’s upcoming book, “Towards an Unknown Port.”



Articles by Norik Gasparyan

Armenia-Georgia: Political Will and Deepening Economic Relations

Deepening already existing relations between Armenia and Georgia will only benefit the two countries, however, the potential for economic cooperation is not being realized to its fullest. Armenian and Georgian economists agree that political will is needed.

Revolutions Beyond Roses and Love

Norik Gasparyan, a journalist from Tbilisi writes about the differences and similarities of two revolutions that took place 15 years apart in the South Caucasus: the Rose Revolution in Georgia and the Velvet Revolution in Armenia.

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