Narek Manukyan

Narek Manukyan is an education policy researcher and an experienced project manager. He has supervised the largest benchmarking study of the Armenian National Curriculum commissioned by the World Bank. He is currently the co-founder of Paradigma Educational Foundation, Armenia's first general education conference (Edcamp Armenia). Narek has managed Armenia's first GovTech Accelerator, public-private partnerships in education and programs targeting small and medium entrepreneurship development. He holds an MA in Political Science and International Affairs from the American University of Armenia. Narek’s interests in education include curriculum studies and comparative educational policy.      

Articles by Narek Manukyan

How Literate is Armenia?

Armenians usually boast a 99 percent literacy rate. Different measures, however, reveal another story.

Independence Generation: Education, Societal Aspirations and Implications for Development

This commentary by Narek Manukyan touches upon some of the key findings about education in a study commissioned by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung called, "Independence Generation - Youth Study 2016." It takes an in-depth look at societal aspirations and how they impact youth within the context of education.

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