Mariam Loretsyan

A photographer, Mariam has been covering political, business, cultural and social topics for about 10 years. She has worked at a number of media outlets, including Yerevan City Magazine. She has contributed to Regional Post.- Caucasus magazine.  Mariam has also been a photo editor at "Yerevan" productions . She is the author of a number of special photoptojects. Currently she works at Tumo Center For Creative Technologies as photography workshop leader. 


Articles by Mariam Loretsyan

The Guardian Ghosts of Gyumri

Most in Armenia have heard about the families that live in the “domiks” of Gyumri - metal containers that were converted into makeshift homes following the 1988 earthquake. What most don’t know is that there are others in the city who live in condemned buildings on the verge of collapse.

Land of the Ghashang People

In this moving photo essay, journalist Yelena Gevorgyan and photographer Mariam Loretsyan explore Stepanakert through their eyes and impressions, piecing together the stories that bind the Armenians of Artsakh to the land.

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