Lusine Sargsyan

Lusine Sargsyan is pursuing her BA in English and Communications at the American University of Armenia. She has volunteered and interned in a number of organizations, including the RepatArmenia Foundation, Women’s Resource Center, Orran, and the Luys Foundation. 

Articles by Lusine Sargsyan

The Cost of Justice: ECtHR and Cases Against Armenia

Since joining the Council of Europe and ratifying the European Convention on Human Rights, Armenia’s government has been obligated to pay over 900,000 Euros as compensation to Armenian nationals.

Impressions of a Citizen Observer

Being an observer of elections is not an easy job. Being a young citizen observer during the parliamentary election in Armenia was an experience that Lusine Sargsyan won't soon forget.

A Corner Frozen in Time

The story of Gayane Arevshatyan’s home-restaurant began twenty years ago, after a tragedy that radically changed her life. It was the Armenia of the 1990s - the cold and dark years. The country had survived a devastating earthquake, the Karabakh War, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, blockade, an energy crisis...In a matter of years, lives and narratives had turned upside down.

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