Lusine Hovhannesyan

Lusine Hovhannesyan graduated from the Department of Philology at Yerevan State University (YSU) in 1992. Upon graduation, she began working for the opposition “Ankakhutyun” (Independence) newspaper. Later she worked for other media outlets including  “AR,” “Armenian Soldier,” “Shrjan,” and “Ayzhm.” In 2008, Lusine completed her postgraduate studies at YSU’s Department of Psychology. She has been a widely-read columnist in Armenia since 2011, working for, and currently with

Articles by Lusine Hovhannesyan

My “Karabakh Movement”

Journalist Lusine Hovhannesyan recounts her personal memories as a university student during the first days of the Karabakh Movement. She writes, “We became beautiful and fell in love easily like young men and women living out their last days at the barricades and we sang songs of resilience in the streets of Yerevan.”

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