Kushane Chobanyan

Kushane Chobanyan graduated from Yerevan State University’s Faculty of Journalism. She is Young European Ambassador, a project implemented by the EU Neighbours East as part of the Young European Neighbours youth network. She hosts her own program at Public Radio of Armenia  called "Get to Know Me.” Kushane loves travelling, watching documentaries, watermelon and chocolate.  

Articles by Kushane Chobanyan

Sex Education, Stereotypes and Disabilities

Sex continues to be a taboo subject in Armenia. When it comes to sexual relations between individuals with disabilities, the misconceptions and taboos are even greater, writes Kushane Chobanyan.

Surrogacy and Parenthood in Armenia

Couples who have struggled with infertility, sometimes turn to surrogate mothers to have a child of their own. With continuing economic hardship in Armenia, policymakers and health professionals need to address issues in the current legislation that may leave women who choose to become surrogates vulnerable.

Serving with Honor: Women First Responders

As women in Armenia continue to break stereotypes, they are entering professions usually reserved for men. Kushane Chobanyan spent a day with female first responders and got a peek inside the life of these incredible women.

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