Kushane Chobanyan

Kushane Chobanyan graduated from Yerevan State University’s Faculty of Journalism. She is Young European Ambassador, a project implemented by the EU Neighbours East as part of the Young European Neighbours youth network. She hosts her own program at Public Radio of Armenia  called "Get to Know Me.” Kushane loves travelling, watching documentaries, watermelon and chocolate.  

Articles by Kushane Chobanyan

The Art of Vanadzor, Armenia’s Erstwhile Industrial City

Vanadzor’s Hovhannes Abelyan Theater, built in the early 20th century, is just a few meters away from the Fine Arts Museum. Both buildings hold the memories and feelings of Armenia’s third largest city.

The Physics Intersection: From Armenia’s Scientific Past Toward Its Future

Armenia’s Physics Institute with its Cosmic Ray Division is trying to overcome many challenges by collaborating with different international institutes. A new generation of scientists believe that more investment is needed to support research and science.

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