Kristine Gasparyan

Kristine Gasparyan is a European affairs specialist. Having studied European Studies in Armenia and Belgium, she specializes in the areas of EU-Armenia relations, EU foreign and security policy and the Eastern Partnership. She has co-founded and worked for a number of think-tanks and NGOs.


Articles by Kristine Gasparyan

Armenia's Foreign Policy Conundrum

In the midst of a tremendous domestic transition, Armenia continues to navigate complicated global and regional relations and tensions, while also trying to maintain and strengthen relations with the European Union.

Armenia and the EU: A Delicate Balancing Act

The new Armenia-EU agreement can be considered a milestone in the history of modern Armenia and in Armenia-EU relations but how does it change the context of Armenia-Russia relations? And what does it mean for Armenia- from the future of the Nuclear Power Plant to rebranding the Armenian cognac?

Armenia’s European Path: What to Expect?

Armenia is set to sign a new accord with the European Union in November of this year. Hailed as a new step forward in bilateral relations, the sides remain cautiously optimistic that the signing will go ahead as planned. EVN Report’s new contributor Kristine Gasparyan takes a look back at EU-Armenia relations over the last several years.

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