Joe Nerssessian

Joe Nerssessian is an Armenia-based freelance journalist who has covered everything from red carpets in Paris to riots in London. A former Press Association reporter in the UK, he is largely interested in human stories and how the actions of those in power impact normal people's lives.  

Articles by Joe Nerssessian

Football for the Forgotten States: Artsakh Prepares for the ‘Other European Cup’

For many, it might seem that Artsakh, an unrecognized state, is an unlikely place to hold an international football tournament. But that is exactly what will happen starting June 1, when Artsakh hosts the 2019 European Football Cup of the Confederation of Independent Football Associations.

Armenia’s Trail Builders

With a global demand for outdoor sports increasing and a heightened interest in hiking and guiding in Armenia, several companies are now not only building trails, but possibly rebuilding lives in Armenia’s mountainous landscape.

Can Direct Democracy Work in Armenia?

After coming to power following the Velvet Revolution, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made references on several occasions about direct democracy, saying that the highest power belongs directly to the people. What is direct democracy and can it be applied in Armenia?

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