Harout Manougian

Harout S. Manougian is an elections expert currently based in Yerevan.  He is a former municipal politician from Toronto and holds a Master in Public Administration degree from Harvard University and a Master in Engineering degree from the University of Waterloo.  

Articles by Harout Manougian

From National to Municipal Elections

Following the early parliamentary election that saw the Civil Contract hold on to power, upcoming municipal elections will give opposition parties, including those with no seats in parliament, a shot at gaining footholds throughout the country.

A People’s Constitution Must Be Framed by the People

July 5 marks Constitution Day in Armenia. Constitutional reform is still on the mind of the re-elected Prime Minister, whose approach to forming a constitutional package has so far greatly resembled that of his predecessors. But there are more participatory models that could be adopted.

Translating the 2021 Election Results Into Seats

Nikol Pashinyan renewed his parliamentary majority through Sunday’s June 20 early parliamentary election and will keep his position as Prime Minister of Armenia. Harout Manougian translates the election results into seats.

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