Gohar Abrahamyan

Gohar Abrahamyan received her Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Journalism at Yerevan State University. Since 2010, Gohar has been working for a number of local and international media organizations; her articles have appeared in AGBU’s magazine and she has conducted analyses for the Institute on War and Peace Reporting. Currently, she is the editor of the Georgian-based Aliq Media.


Articles by Gohar Abrahamyan

Primer: Volunteering in Armenia, Key Issues and Challenges

Why do people volunteer, how is volunteer work regulated and what are the key issues the volunteering sector faces in the Republic of Armenia? This is a primer of EVN Report’s White Paper, “Volunteering in Armenia: Key Issues and Challenges.”

With Every Act of Volunteering, a Person Gives a Part of Their Soul

What motivates people to give of themselves and their time in the pursuit of helping others and their communities? Three women explain.

Next to the Strong, the Weak are Always to Blame

When a young woman was found strangled to death in Yerevan, some in Armenian society decided to give themselves the right to discuss what she must have done to deserve such a fate.

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