Garen Nazarian

Garen Nazarian is an attorney from California specializing in criminal defense. He holds a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley and a law degree from UCLA. He previously lived in Armenia from 2012-2016. While in Armenia, he was placed at Armenia’s Ministry of Justice for two years through a fellowship sponsored by Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, where he worked with deputy ministers on legislative reforms. He subsequently took on the position of legal specialist with the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative, where he created and implemented programs aimed at enhancing legal education in Armenia. Simultaneously, for a three-year period, in conjunction with the US Embassy in Yerevan, he taught a weekly trial advocacy and legal analysis course to Armenian lawyers and law students. Garen closely follows Armenia’s domestic politics and foreign affairs.

Articles by Garen Nazarian

Armenia’s Trump

Although Nikol Pashinyan and Donald Trump are different in demeanor and policy, both lean heavily on the populist playbook. Each is more comfortable fighting against resistant forces rather than governing through institutions.

The Meghri Corridor: A Viable Transport Link or Geopolitical Noose?

Azerbaijan and Turkey are highly incentivized to make the Meghri corridor a reality as soon as possible. For Azerbaijan it’s to have a direct link with its exclave of Nakhijevan. For Turkey, it opens up a direct connection with Azerbaijan and the Turkic world beyond.

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