Davit Nersisyan - Mirzoyan Library

Davit Nersisyan is a freelance photographer.

Nersisyan is a student at the American University of Amrenia and is a Tumo graduate, where he has taken several workshops. Nersisyan works at the Mirzoyan photobook Library as a librarian. 

Articles by Davit Nersisyan - Mirzoyan Library

About the Alternative World of Spaces Between Objects

In the second part of photographer Davit Nersisyan's larger body of work about the visually impaired in Armenia, Nersisyan explores the most intimate physical spaces of the visually impaired - their own rooms - by asking the person who inhabits the space but does not see it to map it.

Choir in the Dark

Choir in the Dark is the first chapter of photographer Davit Nersisyan’s ongoing, larger body of work about the visually impaired in Armenia. A visual exploration of the persistence of a choir where most members are visually impaired.

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