Bedo Demirdjian

Bedo Demirdjian was born in Beirut, Lebanon. Due to the civil war in the country, his family moved to Athens, Greece in 1986. He is a graduate of Melkonian Educational Institute, an Armenian boarding school in Nicosia, Cyprus. He studied Economics and European Integration at the University of Peireaus in Greece.  In Athens, Bedo worked at Droshak - Armenian Edition, and Azad Or daily and later, as a consultant at a major financial institution and on EU funded projects.

In 2008, after an internship at the European Armenian Federation for Justice and Democracy (EAFJD), he moved to Watertown, Massachusetts, working at the Hairenik Institute. In 2010 he returned to Brussels and joined the EAFJD as the Communications and Public Relations officer, a position he occupied until 2017. He currently lives in Beirut, Lebanon where he's involved in the Armenian community life.

Bedo contributes regularly to the Armenian and Armenian Diaspora media on matters of EU-Armenia affairs, language and identity.


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