Avnik Melikian

Avnik is a policy advocate with six years experience in civil society, devoting her efforts to the democratization of Armenia. She is the co-founder and president of “Political Dialogue.” Along with her team, she focuses on bridging the civil society and political actors in Armenia in shaping citizen-centered policies and discourses. As an independent researcher and trainer, Avnik focuses on civil and human rights, democratic processes, gender equality and political participation.

Articles by Avnik Melikian

Making Sense of the ‘Controversy’ Behind Education Reforms

Protests erupted after a draft education reform agenda was publicized that sought to make Armenian language, literature and history courses optional in universities. However, there are a number of other proposed reforms that could potentially undermine the independence of universities that have been left out of the public discourse.

Digital Politics: Democracy in a Transforming World

In critical post-revolutionary times, public discourse shapes politics. Thus, it is important to be aware of the nature of our digital-political environment. Everything we read, share or say on social media is not necessarily a reflection of the truth.

The Istanbul Convention Digested

Did Armenia’s government jump the gun by announcing that it will ratify the Istanbul Convention to an unprepared population? The Convention, the first international treaty that legally defines violence against women, has become a controversial topic in Armenia, dividing a deeply conservative society and creating panic, bordering on hysteria, in some circles.

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