Ani Garibyan

Ani Garibyan was raised in Armenia, Estonia and the United States. She is an avid traveler, knowledge enthusiast, writer and photographer. Currently, Ani is a sustainable urban planner, based in Los Angeles, CA. In the past, Ani has worked in the renewable energy and waste management sectors, and was a writer and editor for Yerevan Magazine. She received her MSc in Environment and Sustainable Development from the University College London’s (UCL) Development Planning Unit (DPU), studying various aspects of how climate change will impact communities around the world, and how to mitigate and adapt to these changes. Ani also holds a BA in History from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with an emphasis on revolutionary political thought, and Soviet and post-Soviet history and politics.

Articles by Ani Garibyan

Women on Bikes

While understanding the historical importance and benefits of bicycles in women’s lives, why are less females riding bikes? Some major cities in the U.S. and Europe have conducted studies to understand this, and the main factor is safety.

Environmental Protection and Pandora’s Box to Independence

Even after Armenia gained independence from the Soviet Union, it is still reliant on many Soviet-built (sometimes very poorly built) infrastructure that can prove to be dangerous to local communities, flora and fauna, as well as the country’s economy and national security.

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