Ales Plotka

Born in Belarus, Ales Plotka is a poet and communications consultant. One of the creators of the “Budzma” campaign, he has consulted INGOs in Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Czech Republic on innovations for activism. He specializes in conceptualizing and implementing programs for local community development and national self-identification, campaigning and gamification for activists, and product management experience transfer to CSOs.

He has published a poetry book entitled “Baisan” and translated works by Jurko Izdryck and Ivan Semesiuck from Ukrainian to Belarusian. As part of the trio “Buben Naruszewicz Baisan,” he has released several albums of digital poetry and translated verses and heritage of Belarusian “Executed Renaissance of 1937.” He is the creator of the Vieršnica symbol and a co-organizer of literature and cultural events in Belarus, Ukraine and Prague.

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