Armenophobia in Azerbaijan: Causes and Effects

An entire generation of Azerbaijanis has grown up in an atmosphere of hate against the Armenians. State-sponsored Armenophobia has penetrated all spheres of Azerbaijani society. Political Scientist Anzhela Elibegova examines the causes and effects of that policy.

Armenia, the Region and Press Freedoms

Two major global indices on press freedoms were published last week, one by Freedom House and the other by Reporters Without Borders. Why are these annual report cards on press freedoms important for Armenia and the world?

The Unbearable Lightness of Armenia’s Parliamentary Elections

The Republican Party of Armenia’s victory following parliamentary elections has left a bad aftertaste for many in the country. How was it that the RPA, despite its perceived unpopularity was able to secure a majority in parliament? Sos Avetisyan tries to look beyond the surface of political realities and into the heart of state-citizen relations.

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