Six Lessons From the Failed Armenian-Turkish Rapprochement

Armenia’s president signed a decree on March 1 announcing the controversial Armenian-Turkish protocols null and void. Now that the the protocols are a thing of the past, Vahram Ter-Matevosyan writes that the time has come to draw some lessons from an initiative that was long dead.

Ten Victims, Ten Years, Zero Culpability

Ten years after the worst post-election clashes in the history of Armenia’s independent statehood that left ten people dead and hundreds injured, the wounds are still fresh and the pain raw. In this personal essay, Hamazasp Danielyan writes about the events leading up to March 1, 2008 and reflects on his personal transformation.

The Karabakh Movement or What was Happening in Soviet Armenia 30 Years Ago

Harutyun Marutyan writes that the Karabakh Movement was not only the first of the Eastern European revolutions, but it played a considerable role in the democratization of Soviet society, was pivotal in the deconstruction of the Soviet Union and consequently in the elimination of the threat of communism.

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