Is 2018 the New 1988?

In this new piece, Mikayel Zolyan writes about the similarities and differences between the 1988 Karabakh Movement and the 2018 Velvet Revolution - what it meant for people then and now and lessons to be learned.

The Necessity of Inclusive Political Institutions

Hamazasp Danielyan identifies principles for the development of the political system, highlighting the circumstances that are delaying the formation of participatory political institutions and the importance of amending the Electoral Code in light of the crisis in the country.

Children in the Hands of an Abusive Father: The Popular Movement, the RPA, and Armenia’s Constitutional Crisis

Armenia is facing its greatest challenge since independence. Nikol Pashinyan’s Velvet Revolution has left the ruling Republican Party facing a crisis of legitimacy. Nerses Kopalyan writes, “Pashinyan is not seeking to usurp the Constitutional legitimacy of Parliament, but rather, force the majority in Parliament to conform to the will of the popular movement.”

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