Volunteerism, Social Inclusion and Development

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ashot podcast


Ashot Sargsyan, the co-author of EVN Report's White Paper "Volunteering in Armenia: Key Issues and Challenges" speaks about the potential of volunteerism as a community building tool, a force capable of bringing about change and sustaining developmental goals when the country is short of manpower. Sargsyan also speaks about the need to promote volunteerism and establish regulations that will protect the volunteer and acknowledge his/her input. 

What we talked about: 


- Achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 requires human manpower and resources, therefore there is a great need for volunteers.

- Volunteerism needs to be regulated in Armenia, but being careful of overregulation.

- There are around 30,000 volunteers in Armenia - formal and informal. Formal volunteers - institutional based arrangements; informal volunteers - those who are not engaged in any institutional setup. 

- Volunteerism in Armenia has a long history. It was never regulated but it always existed. 

- The understanding of community and volunteering. There is a lack of community understanding in Armenia.

- Importance of supporting volunteerism institutionally and training people within communities.

- Volunteering needs promotion in Armenia.

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