UN in Armenia: Looking Back, Moving Forward

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UN Resident Coordinator in Armenia Shombi Sharp looks back at 2019, and speaks about the UN’s priorities in Armenia and where they want to focus their energies on in the coming years.

What we talked about:


- UN projects implemented in Armenia throughout years.

- UN working with government and non-profit organizations to resolve and reduce issues such as sex-selective abortions, malnutrition, widespread smoking, etc

- UN supporting snap parliamentary elections in Armenia in 2018 

- UN/UNDP and the work with the Armenian government.

- Challenges in parliament and government and their willingness to work and improve.

- Importance of recognizing and celebrating Armenianness around the world. 

- Gender equality and its progress in Armenia. 

- Women, peace and security: a program with the Ministry of Defence to support women who want to enter the security sector. 

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