Transparency in Media Ownership

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shushan doydoyan podcast


Shushan Doydoyan, president of the Freedom of Information Center talks to EVN Report about the polarized media landscape in Armenia and the need for transparency of media ownership and ethical journalism.

What we talked about:


- Armenia’s current media landscape is diverse and polarized. 

- Armenia’s ranking in the World Press Freedom Index has increased because at the moment there is no direct control over the media.

- Media organizations must be transparent about their real owners. 

- Media needs some specific regulations including self-regulation.

- Members of Armenia’s Government are focused on responding and commenting to criticism, usually on their personal social media accounts. They are reactionary instead of being proactive in their communication strategy. 

- Government is trying to regulate fake news through National Security Service. 

- Lawsuits against media outlets have increased; since May 2018, more than 120 lawsuits have been filed for “violation of dignity.”

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