Tech AM Report: With Todd Fabacher, Digital Pomegranate

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In this episode, Todd Fabacher talks about his experience as a serial entrepreneur and insights he has accumulated over the years not only in Armenia but also in tech-leading nations in the Far East. He discusses how to nurture, grow and promote talent, how to sign-up major clients, as well as Digital Pomegranate’s place in supporting Gyumri as a technology hub. Finally, the conversation emphasizes the essential issue of building a support system as a founder to deal with everyday challenges and the importance of the local ecosystem and trust when optimizing outcomes both as a start-up but also as a national tech cluster.

Todd Fabacher is the co-founder of Digital Pomegranate, a company based in Gyumri that started out as a contractor but has now transitioned into growing start-up initiatives such as Express VAT, TriviaMatic and others. Digital Pomegranate has built a remarkable roster of clients both in the private and public sectors such as Sony and the UK Government. As a serial entrepreneur, among Fabacher's professional achievements is putting Gyumri on the international map as a technology center.

Samson Avetian is the VP of Angel Investor Club of Armenia, mentor at the EPIC incubator at AUA, board member at Riviera Capital and is involved in other engagements in the Armenian start-up and the venture finance ecosystem.

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