Tech AM Report: With Tigran Petrosyan, SuperAnnotate CEO

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Samson Avetian talks to Tigran Petrosyan, co-founder and CEO of SuperAnnotate, a platform to annotate, manage and automate computer vision projects. They talked about the firm's experimentation and validation approach used to gain customer following, growth in the role "from product to scaling," making pivots and strategic choices, assembling and leveraging strong advisor and board backing, Berkeley SkyDeck experience and much more.

Tigran Petrosyan is the co-founder and CEO of SuperAnnotate, a company in the annotation industry whose services are key for the Machine Learning process. Together with his brother Vahan, they dropped out of their respective PhD programs in Switzerland and Sweden respectively to pursue an idea backed by a groundbreaking approach to annotation. As recently as a few weeks ago they concluded a multi-million dollar fundraising round, entered a cooperation agreement and have generally been considered as one of Armenia's most promising start-ups.

Samson Avetian is the VP of Angel Investor Club of Armenia. He is the author of the book “Armenia’s Economy: The Next 25 Years.” Avetian is an Adjunct Lecturer at the American University of Armenia, where he is also a mentor at the EPIC incubator. He is an invited instructor at Yerevan State Medical University and has other commitments such as board memberships. Avetian’s career has included engagements in Sweden and internationally. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School.

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