Tech AM Report: With Nareg Soghomonian, Preezma

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tech am with nareg

Nareg Soghmonian, Director of Business Development at Preezma,  discusses his recent move to Armenia and the responsibilities and nuances of his position, how he got there and the personal traits one needs to be a sales executive. Nareg also spoke about his work advising and coaching start-ups, the typical challenges they face and the importance of building trust and transparency, both inside the team and with clients. 

Nareg Soghomonian is the Director of Business Development at Preezma, a software development company. Nareg's previous career engagements cover places like Apple Computers and Aztrana AG. He has also been an active member of both the Armenian and the West Coast tech community with almost a decade-long experience in advising and mentoring start-ups and founding teams. 

Samson Avetian is the VP of Angel Investor Club of Armenia, mentor at the EPIC incubator at AUA, board member at Riviera Capital and is involved in other engagements in the Armenian start-up and the venture finance ecosystem.

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