Reshifting What We Identify as Armenianness

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Defining Diaspora-Armenia relations and putting in place a mechanism which would be mutually beneficial to both the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora has been a challenge since Armenia’s independence. Dr. Nerses Kopalyan’s White Paper, “Changing the Paradigm in Armenia-Diaspora Relations: State-Centered Institutions and Transnational Governance” deals with this very issue and takes a look at who and in what capacity should organize these multilayered relations.

What we talked about:


- Policy recommendation paper by Dr. Nerses Kopalyan about Armenia-Diaspora relations.

- Armenian Diaspora and Armenian state relations.

- State-centered approach/infrastructure in Armenia-Diaspora relations.

- Importance of diasporans viewing themselves as constituents of the Republic of Armenia.

- Importance of state-centered identity formation.

- Patriotism and nationalism - how does it work in the Diaspora? Diasporan nationalism and patriotism to Armenia becoming aligned.

- Importance of diasporans accepting the Republic of Armenia as a part of their identity.

- Importance of forming transnational advisory councils made up of diasporan experts.  

- Armenian society-Diaspora relations vs Armenian government-Diaspora relations.

- Importance of proposed Diaspora Emergency Council that can unite diasporan organizations to help Armenia when in crisis.

- Is Armenia ready to give the Diaspora more? 

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