Preserving the Cultural Heritage of Armenia

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ani avagyan podcast


Ani Avagyan, Director of the ROCHEMP Center for Cultural Heritage in Armenia spoke about the importance of the preservation of historic districts in contemporary global cities, the importance of properly restoring and preserving tangible cultural heritage and how education is the key.

What we talked about:


- The activities and projects of the ROCHEMP Center for Cultural Heritage in Armenia

- Management, protection and enhancement of cultural heritage - the main function of the ROCHEMP center

- Importance of developing and establishing a legislative-regulatory framework for the preservation of cultural heritage

- Joint initiative of ROCHEMP and the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia to establish a new professional course for future architects working in restoration 

- The need for educating communities living near cultural heritage sites 

Helping museums combat COVID-19 

- The role of museums in the educational process and the state of educational programs of Armenian museums 

- A conservation project to protect the Yereruik Monastery in the Shirak region.

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