Marieke Wierda: Addressing the Past for the Sake of the Future

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During the transitional justice symposium in Yerevan, Marieke Wierda, Esq. elaborated on some of the reasons that countries have embarked on transitional justice processes and the fact that transitional justice should seek to reconstruct the social contract between citizens and state and among citizens themselves. 

Marieke Wierda, Esq. is a lawyer who specializes in transitional justice. She has 16 years experience in transitional justice, starting with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, and then joining the International Center for Transitional Justice where she worked for a decade. In 2011, she was an advisor to a UN Panel of Experts to advise on accountability for the final phases of the conflict in Sri Lanka. 

Ms. Wierda was a panelist at the International Symposium on Transitional Justice held in Yerevan, Armenia on October 5, organized by the Zoryan Institute of Canada in conjunction with the American University of Armenia. 

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