Lawmakers Look Back on 2019: Mane Tandilyan, Bright Armenia

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mane tandilyan


EVN Report speaks with lawmakers about the challenges and successes parliament has registered this past year. Member of Parliament Mane Tandilyan of the Bright Armenia faction reflects on a parliament struggling with lack of experience, the impact of social media and the critical role women are playing.

What we talked about: 


- Successes and challenges of the parliament, including a majority who are first-time legislators; the necessity for parliament to be a body that has oversight on the government and challenges of positioning Bright Armenia as an opposition force.

- Lack of experience, lack of expertise and knowledge and lack of willingness that has slowed down the reform processes. 

- Media and the challenge of fake news; how some parliamentarians spend too much time responding to allegations on social media.

- The role and importance of women in parliament. 

- Legislative initiatives and how the Bright Armenia parliamentary faction voted.

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