Lack of Vision and Corruption Risks in Urban Planning

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Architect and planner Sarhat Petrosyan, the former head of the State Cadastre Committee, speaks to EVN Report about the need for reforms in the current model of construction and urban development governance, transparency, corruption risks and more.

What we talked about:


- The issue of Armenia having several state agencies/ministries dealing with construction and urban development. 

- The collapse of the Soviet Union and the establishment of several governmental agencies responsible for urban development. 

- Soviet and current models of governance in the sector.

- The current model of construction and urban development governance in need of reforms and reconstruction

- The corruption case against the head of the Urban Development Committee, Vahagn Vermishyan. 

- How construction permit process works in Armenia

- Need for establishment of proper urban planning instruments, need to centralize all land information in one dataset, need of tools in order to properly assess and give permits for construction.

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