Helping Dogs Help People

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Nairi Krafian is the Founder of Oknooshoon (from the Armenian for “help” and “dog”) an organization that has set out to not only challenge the way animals are viewed in Armenia but also help people struggling with different challenges to get the opportunity to benefit from dog therapy. Oknooshoon's mission is also to set the gold standard for therapy dogs that other countries would want to model; Krafian believes the concept of “good enough for Armenia” is not an acceptable approach any longer.

What we talked about: 


- Changing the attitude of people who are afraid of dogs or uncomfortable around them is part of Oknooshoon’s mission.


- By training therapy dogs, Oknooshoon wants to show people the value of these animals and hopefully change perceptions. 


- People in Armenia, who are struggling with physical and mental issues, could benefit from the emotional support and friendship therapy dogs provide.


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