Gender-Based Violence: How a New App Can Potentially Save Lives

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safeyou podcast


Mariam Torosyan, Co-founder and CEO of Impact Innovations Institute speaks about an app they have developed called Safe YOU, which seeks to raise awareness, consult and empower women through community. It assists in the battle against gender-based violence in three important ways: prevention, protection and prosecution. 

What we talked about:


- The various features of the Safe YOU mobile application. 

- When the user presses the help button, a free alert SMS with the user’s location is sent to all parties in their security network.

- Pressing the help button also enables audio recording, which can later be sent to a chosen service contact, personal contact and/or police. It can also be saved for later use, as evidence or deleted at any time.

- Through the support section of the app it is possible to choose three personal contacts from the user’s contact list, three service contacts from a Network of NGOs and state authorities, as well as enables the user to contact the police. 

- Anonymity is one of the key features of the application.

- Forums and discussion boards for women to help and support each other. 

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