Fostering Innovators of the Future

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Armen Orujyan, the founding CEO of the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST) speaks about their initiative with Armenia’s Ministry of Defense called UNIT 1991. The program will provide people of conscription age with education and knowledge in data science and AI giving them the opportunity to be employed by the Defense Ministry in respective divisions or in leading high-tech enterprises.

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In 2018, writer and journalist Valerie Manteau published a novel in French called “Le Sillon” dedicated to Hrant Dink who was assassinated in Istanbul in 2007 by a Turkish ultra-nationalist. Manteau spoke about the journey of finding Dink that took her from Marseilles to Istanbul.

Arman Tatoyan, Armenia’s Human Rights Defender spoke to EVN Report about Azerbaijan’s criminal politicization of the release and return of Armenia POWs following the 2020 Artsakh War; the gross violations of the rule of law and human rights in the demarcation process of Armenia’s borders with Azerbaijan; Armenophobia and hate speech at the state level in Azerbaijan; the fate of IDPs and the threat to Armenian historic, cultural and religious monuments now under Azerbaijani control. 

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