Ensuring the Rights of Children With Disabilities

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Karena Avedissian, author of the White Paper, “Retraining Healthcare Professionals: Preventing the Institutionalization of Infants with Disabilities in Armenia” speaks to EVN Report about the necessity of training and working with medical staff in maternity wards to provide them with the proper tools to help parents make informed decisions.

What we talked about:


- The practice of placing children with disabilities in institutions in Armenia.

- According to statistics from 2016, about 70% of children placed in institutions have a disability.

- Importance of retraining healthcare professionals who would assist parents of children with a disability at the maternity ward

- The Armenian government's role in assisting parents of children with disabilities.

- Services provided for children with disabilities are mostly concentrated in Yerevan. 

- Paradigm shift towards disability throughout the world - Armenia still needs to catch up to that shift.

- Recommendations to the sector working with children with disabilities and their families. 

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