Armenia and Diaspora: Together on the Front Lines of a Pandemic

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sara podcast


Sara Anjargolian, Chief of Staff of the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs spoke to EVN Report about how they are helping to pull in the invaluable resources of the Diaspora to assist local medical professionals battling on the front lines against COVID-19 in Armenia, highlighting the importance of a strong Armenia-Diaspora partnership.

What we talked about:


- Webinar series between healthcare professionals from the Diaspora and Armenia.

- The latest COVID-19 webinar had over 150 nurses and healthcare professionals from several regions of Armenia and from the Diaspora.

- Telemedicine conferences allowing for long-distance patient care, advice and intervention between doctors in Armenia and the Diaspora.

- Helping to fundraise and coordinate delivery of essential medical supplies and equipment for medical staff.

- How the pandemic has shifted plans of the Office of the High Commissioner for the coming year.

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