An Architect in Yerevan

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movses hrayr


A special podcast series featuring ordinary people walking through the streets of Armenia’s capital city Yerevan. This week’s host is architect Movses Hrayr Der Kevorkian.

Glossary of Terms


Lift - [лифт] Russian term for elevator. Most elevators in highrise buildings in Armenia are Soviet manufactured and have an average lifespan of 20-25 years. There are 4666 registered elevators in Armenia, most Soviet manufactured and in need of replacement. Replacing elevators in the capital is currently one of the priorities of the Yerevan municipality. 

Sakharov Square - Named after Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov, a Russian nuclear physicist, dissident, Nobel laureate, and activist for disarmament, peace and human rights. Sakharov was one of the few public figures in the Soviet Union to condemn the pogroms of Armenians in Soviet Azerbaijan. Sakharov’s bust was installed at the square in 2000. Today’s Sakharov Square was previously named after Meshadi Azizbekov and featured the bust of the Azerbaijani Marxist, one of the 26 famous commissars of the Soviet Union.  

Saryan Street - Named after Martiros Saryan, a famous Armenian painter whose house museum is also on the street named after him. Saryan is considered to be the founder of modern Armenian national school of painting.

Bodyezd - [подъе́зд]  Russian word meaning approach, access. Commonly used in Armenia to refer to the main or front entrance of a building. 

Recorded and produced by Arpine Haroyan.

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