Alternative Dispute Resolution: Delivering Access to Justice

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talin hitik


Talin Hitik, a lawyer based in Chicago recently established the Armenia Center for Dispute Resolution, the mission of which is to build capacity in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in Armenia and establish a state-of-the art ADR hearing center in Yerevan. She and Nayiri Boghossian, partner in Al Owais, an arbitration and commercial dispute law firm based in Dubai speak to EVN Report about the necessity of ADR as a response to the deficiencies in the current functioning of Armenia's judicial system.

What we talked about:


- Armenia’s judiciary is extremely under resourced; as a consequence, there is an extremely long backlog of the docket. 


- Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is one of the ways other jurisdictions have found it helpful to relieve some of that backlog.


- The Armenia Center for Dispute Resolution, a newly established NGO, is a response to some of the deficiencies in the current functioning of the Armenian judiciary. 


- ADR is separate from the formal state judicial system. It should be an independent and private organization; the judiciary must be arbitration friendly.

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