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Gayane Vardanyan, a Yerevan City Councillor from the My Step faction spoke to EVN Report about some of the biggest challenges that city officials have had to deal with since coming to power almost two years ago from waste collection to replacing elevators.

What we talked about:


- Waste collection was the biggest challenge for the newly elected Yerevan City Council following the Velvet Revolution in 2018.

- Waste sorting project soon to be launched in Yerevan. 

- Current steps taken by the Municipality to completely reform and enhance the public transportation system. 

- The importance of effective communication with the public before the implementation of new reforms. 

- The voluntary position of City Council members and its challenges. 

- New reforms in the municipality’s social assistance projects.

- Preschools and daycare centers under the purview of the City. 

- The elevator issue in Yerevan and condominiums responsible for building maintenance.

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