Addressing the Past For the Sake of the Future

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Professor William Schabas, an international human rights and criminal law expert said that he's usually in Armenia to talk about the past, the genocide, and justice for genocide. This time, he noted that he is here to to talk about the future because transitional justice is for the victims to see that justice is done, but it’s also about building something new.

Prof. William Schabas is an international human rights and criminal law expert. A professor at Middlesex University and Leiden University, he has served as the head of the UN Gaza Commission and as Commissioner on the Sierra Leone Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Prof. Schabas, who has been called “the world expert on the law of genocide,” annually teaches a segment on law for the Zoryan Institute’s Genocide and Human Rights University Program. Prof. Schabas is a member of the Zoryan Institute’s Board of Directors.

Prof. William Schabas was a panelist at the International Symposium on Transitional Justice held in Yerevan, Armenia on October 5, organized by the Zoryan Institute of Canada in conjunction with the American University of Armenia.   

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