The Incoherence of Peace: The Karabakh Quagmire and the Fine Line Between Compromise and Capitulation

While taking the reader through the complexities of international law, Dr. Nerses Kopalyan writes that when Armenia and Azerbaijan speak about peace, they mean completely different things. What they are actually saying is that they seek peace on their own terms.

Are Women Just the Extra (Soft) Touch to the Men’s (Strong) Soul?

Natalia Voutova writes that girls should not be raised with the expectation that their social status and role as a wife and mother are pre-determined, but rather they should be offered a different outlook on gender equality.

The Elimination of the Diaspora Ministry has Nothing to do With the Diaspora

When the Ministry of Diaspora was eliminated, many believed it went against the interests of the Armenian Diaspora. Nerses Kopalyan provides an alternative approach that alleviates bureaucratic bloating, enhances legislative efficiency offering the Diaspora a healthy dosage of political capital and a culture of reciprocity.

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